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10/08/98 The Effects of Ethanol on Simple Nervous Systems     Scientific AmeriKen opens up its third year with a small party featuring grain alcohol and garden snails. View the effects as Scientific AmeriKen test the effects of alcohol on nervous systems!

10/22/98 Variant Pressure in Different Substances   In this experiment, the effects of different substances are observed as they are fired from a squirt gun.  See if a different liquid will give you that length advantage in your next water gun fight!

11/05/98 The Effectiveness of Washing Hands  In a classic microbiology experiment,  Scientific AmeriKen examines different techniques of washing hands to see if one works better then others.

11/19/98 Chocolate: An Acid Neutralizer?  Ever wonder if chocolate can be effective in easing heart burn or other high acid situations?  Scientific AmeriKen examines chocolates effect on acid in this week's Scientific AmeriKen.

12/03/98 Shooting Explosives: Does it work?  Hollywood movies are notorious for the lack of realism in scientific situations. This week, Scientific AmeriKen examines whether those explosion really happen as pot shots are taken at classic explosive materials.

12/17/98 Copper plating with Household Items  Scientific AmeriKen, this week, observes the activity of a voltaic cell constructed from common household equipment.

12/31/98 The Effects of Copper (II) Sulfate on Weeds  Using leftover forms the copper plating experiment, Scientific AmeriKen attempts to develop a new herbicide using the potentially dangerous Copper II Sulfate.

01/14/99 A Search for Computer Mutation  Are computers really perfect or are they subject to the same error which confronts replication is living organisms -- mutation. This week, Scientific AmeriKen utilizes its self written program to begin the search for Computer mutation!

01/28/99 Mixing Sugar and Vinegar  Two classic components, but do they do anything when they mix together?  The week, these two compounds will be placed in the same vial to see if anything happens!

02/11/99 Recovery Time: Is more better?  How fast can the human body recover from running a mile?  Is more time better? These questions and more are answered as Scientific AmeriKen runs the mile in this weeks experiment.

02/25/99 The Y2K Experiment  What exactly will happen when the clock strikes 12:00 on New Years?  Scientific AmeriKen is there to observe as a trust able 386 laptop is set to 11:56 pm  December 31, 1999!

03/11/99 Shallow Water Beach Experiment  Just what is underneath the waters of the average beach goer?  Scientific AmeriKen plunges into the depths of the unknown in the search for underwater sea life this week at the famous shores of Zuma beach, California.

03/25/99 Driving Style and Gas Efficiency  It has always been said that slower driving results in better gas mileage, but is it true? This week, Scientific AmeriKen, post the results of driving like a mad man and driving like a saint.

04/01/99 Microwave tolerance of Ants  Ants: Earth's most resilient organism. Said to be able to lift ten times their own weight. But can they brave man's most useful cooking device, the microwave!  This week, Scientific AmeriKen recruits several ants to test their microwave tolerance!

04/15/99Area vs. Length: What controls object height?  What controls what height a stack of objects can reach before it topples over? This week, Scientific AmeriKen, experiments with several objects to see what is the controlling factor of an objects height!

04/29/99Do Computers Cheat?  Ever wonder if the computer you are playing is doing so fairly?  This week, Scientific AmeriKen examines the game of tetris to see if the computer plays it on the level.

05/06/99Can Silly Puddy Insulate Explosions?  Silly puddy, the most versatile substance on the earth. Roll it up, copy images, sculpt with it. Its' uses are limitless, but can it contain an explosion?  This week, Scientific AmeriKen test this feature of silly puddy and also post its first mpeg videos!

05/20/99Dog Short Term Memory: How good is it?  Short term memory in the animal kingdom is a rarely tested subject, however, this week, Scientific AmeriKen develops an experiment which could demonstrate the strength of the short term memory of Man's best friend.

06/17/99Methods to Decrease Food Spoilage  Is there other ways to preserve foods other then the fridgerator? In this week's experiment, several chemicals are used in the possibility that maybe one can prevent foods from going bad?

06/03/99 Silly Puddy Golf  In the final  scheduled experiment of the year, Scientific AmeriKen, continues its search for a more efficient golf ball.  Silly puddy is put to the test over 7 grueling holes at a public golf course to see if can indeed enhance driving distance and golf scores!

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