The Next Generation of Os Stats

Significantly inspired by the Os present some radicool new statistical analysis of the Os' player performance over time. For more explanation of the charts, see the bottom.

The first monumental discovery is that taking more shots helps you score more! Amazing!

Next up is a rackup of points and rebound by game time. The charts are a little picky, so "2006" is really 6 o'clock and "2009" is 9 o'clock. What is this?

It's an interactive, five dimensional Google Motion chart filled with statistics to help you spot trends among all of the Os' players. Packaged fully customizable and animated for your pleasure.

You can choose to chart any of the following statistics:

- Count of Game #
- FG%
- 3P%
- FT%
- Foul Out
- O-Phy
- Ophy Votes
- Average of Points
- Average of FG Made
- Average of FG Att
- Average of 3Pt Made
- Average of 3Pt Att
- Average of FT Made
- Average of FT Att
- Average of Off Reb
- Average of Def Reb
- Average of Tot Reb
- Average of Steals
- Average of Blocks
- Average of Fouls Comm
- Average of Foul Out
- Average of Assists
- Average of O-Phy
- Average of Ophy Votes

Can't see it?

Sometimes the chart gets overloaded by the number of users and sends back a "Request timed out" message. Refreshing the page usually does the trick. If you still can't see it, make sure your browser allows Flash. Google Chrome users need to right click and view the page in incognito. I don't know why this works but it does.