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Scientific AmeriKen is proud to announce the creation of MOTLOOK!

Motlook, short for Motif Looker, is a bioinformatics website designed to assist scientist find out how their protein of interest may interact with other proteins! Motlook stands as the first of hopefully many bioinformatics based tools produced by Scientific AmeriKen.

So how does it work? All proteins are made of amino acid sequences. There are over 20 different types of amino acid molecules and the combination of different amino acids is what gives rise to different proteins and their behaviors. In all living organisms, different types of proteins interact with other proteins sending signals to divide or even die. Proteins usually interact by binding onto one another - and this is usually controlled by the amino acid sequence where certain amino acids will allow the binding while others will not.

Scientist have compiled a lot of reaserch into a literature database where they have mapped out some of these amino acid sequences that create a binding site - called a motif. This literature database is researched, seeking out these motifs and then putting them into MOTLOOK's own database! Now scientist can search to see if these motifs exist in the protein that they are working on!!

Although that is a brief explanation - much more information can be found by seeing MOTLOOK!


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